Gianna's Cartoon
Updated: 2/5/2021
Gianna's Cartoon

Storyboard Text

  • Hello kids! How was your day at school?
  • It was good except...
  • We got homework! It is soo boring! We have to write letters to old people in our community...
  • That is fun! Plus it will make the elderly know someone is thinking of them! It might make you feel good knowing that you did something nice for someone...
  • I guess we can try to do it...
  • Ya but lets put our stuff away first.
  • Thanks for getting it all out!
  • Ya... Thanks.
  • Come on let's get started!
  • Those look AMAZING! Lets go put them in the mail box!
  • That was fun!
  • Ya it was! Thanks for helping Mom!
  • That was fun! I think we should make more a different day!
  • A week later...
  • Let's do this every week!