Comic strip
Updated: 2/11/2021
Comic strip

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  • We want equal representation!
  • No way! We are bigger, we get more!
  • Hey! Stop arguing! I have an idea...What about a compromise??
  • The smaller states wanted equal representation so they could have a say agaist the bigger states.
  • The Great Compromise
  • The House of Representativesand The Senate
  • The bigger states thought they should get more representation because they had a bigger population.
  • Senate
  • House of Representatives
  • But then they decided to come up with a compromise. This is Connie the Camel, she represents the Connecticut compromise and the bicameral house.
  • Thank you Connie!
  • They came up with The Great Compromise also known as the Connecticut Compromise which had the House of Representatives and the Senate.
  • The House of Representatives favored big states because representation was based on population and the Senate favored small states because it had equal representation for each state,
  • The states were now happy because they both had a say in the government.