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David and Goliath
Updated: 5/8/2020
David and Goliath
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  • Made by India LineDavid the shepard
  • Meeting Goliath
  • Goliath's demand
  • “This day I dare the soldiers of Israel to send a man down to fight against me.”
  • David was a shepard, who's job was to tend to the sheep. David had eight brothers. Three of them were in the israeli army, and they were preparing for battle between the philistines. David went back and forth from Saul’s camp to Bethlehem, where at saul's camp he would help out and in Bethlehem he would care for the sheep. 
  • David's wonder
  • “Just look at how this man keeps daring Israel to fight him! The king will make the man who kills Goliath very wealthy.
  • “Why have you come down here? Who is taking care of those few sheep in the desert for you?
  • one day, when David went to Saul's camp to help out, he saw a huge philistine man, who was described as 9 feet tall and wore bronze armor that weighed 125 pounds. This mand name is Goliath.
  • David's hope
  • “I The Lord saved me from the paw of the lion. He saved me from the paw of the bear. And he’ll save me from the powerful hand of this Philistine too.”
  • You aren’t able to go out there and fight that Philistine. You are too young.
  • that day Golaith demanded for one of the men of israel to fight him or israel becomes servents of the philistines. Everyone including Saul was terrified and for the next 40 days Goliath stood there waiting for someone to fight him.
  • David's victory
  • David had to bring food for his brothers to saul's camp one day and that is when he realised Goliath had been standing there for 40 days. David didn't like the fact Golaith was standing there and asked around what would be done if a soldier did kill Golaith. The other soldiers told him that if Golaith died, the philistine soldiers would become their slaves. David's brothers heard this conversation he was having with the men and did not like it telling him to go back and ten the sheep.
  • "the philistines will become our slaves"
  • However, David knew he could do something about it and did not do what his brothers said. David told Saul that he will fight Golaith. Saul doubted him but then allowed it. Saul gave David armour, however David did not want to wear it and picked up 5 stones. David knew he could kill Goliath as he had God by his side.
  • Goliath was furious when he found out the person who wanted to fight him was small and did not carry many weapons. However, this did not stop David. Golaith kept coming closer and closer to David, but then david took one of his rocks and his sling and aimed at Goliaths' head. with one single stone Golaith fell head first. David quickl hurried, grabbed Golaith's sword and chopped of Golaiths head. David knew God would be with him, resulting in David's victory.
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