Technology and how it influences the way we work
Updated: 6/5/2020
Technology and how it influences the way we work

Storyboard Text

  • everyone must work from home due to CO-VID 19
  • whats going happen now? How will we work?
  • this is great the technology is helping me really well but i wonder how we will conduct our meetings?
  • The Prime minister announces that everyone must work from home. This means everyone will turn to technology to support themselves when working.
  • I better not miss the meeting!
  • This person finds out the news that everyone has to work from home and straight away wonders how that will be conducted. Because of technology it will influence businesses to change quickly but it is easy and helpful.
  • with the help of technology, I was able to work productively and not stress about not being able to work in this crazy situation.
  • The work place quickly turns to technology to assist them in this situation here technology is used to help them work and write a report. The person is now wondering how she'll have a meeting with her work peers.
  • Thank goodness for technology!!
  • in this ever changing society technology influences the way we work as it allows us to do many things. It allowed this person to have a meeting on a online platform to communicate without face to face interactions.
  • With the help of technology this person was able to work sufficiently without losing money because she couldn't work in her normal environment. Technology aids our work environment because otherwise without it, it would be very hard to do things such as write reports or do simple tasks.
  • because of technology our work environment is everchanging and influences the way we work. Overall, technology really assists us and helps us in our everyday work life