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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/13/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Exposition
  • "that's what you get for jumping johnny!"
  • Rising Action
  • "Its time to get that long hair of yours cut!"
  • Rising acting
  • "we caused it, if those kids dies its our fault.."
  • In the beginning of the story Pony boy, the main character and is the youngest out of his siblings. they grew up without their parents, witch made them get into trouble. They got into a group called the greasers. Were they fight, steal, and sometimes kill other people.
  • Climax
  • As the story goes on johnny, known as the "weak" one of the group, was getting jumped by one of the Socs, known as a gang that hate the greasers, Johnny got hit really bad, and he couldn't do anything about it because he was really terrified. It brought back memories of his parents.
  • falling Action
  • "we caused it..We caused it" over and over, was the only thing Pony boy was thinking, As they run in for there life to the fire. Once they heard their were kids there. they went in to save the kids. As the got in the couldn't breath, As soon they got all the kids everything went black.
  • "He was dead before he hit the ground. But I knew that was what he wanted... and he always got what he wanted."
  • Im moving, He feels himself in a car. He opens his eye and says "Were is Johnny?!" his head was pounding. "don't worry they are taking him in the ambulance." Pony boy felt relived that johnny got out.
  • My hands are shaking as i walk in i see johnny on the bed unconscious, as well as dally, he tried to saved us. As i was about to leave i see johnny move a little, He looks right at me and says "I-I Don't want to die" he said it in a terrified voice.
  • .As As they went to the grave they went to dally and As Pony boy and two-bit went to the grave, they went by dally and johnny's grave. They felt their tears fall. Johnny died because of the fire and because of spinal injures, and Dally died because he was shot by a police he wanted that. They both died very young and it hurt.
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