Vapes in the class

Updated: 10/15/2020
Vapes in the class

Storyboard Text

  • Dude why do you have that in class
  • Wanna hit this vape bro its the best flavor
  • Ummm, dude I know what that does to you
  • It doesnt matter, do you wanna vape or not
  • No, dude you know what I mean its really bad for you
  • Yea it makes you cool
  • I am having a conversation with my friend and he asked me if I wanted to vape.
  • Hey Ms.Heer may I go to the bathroom
  • Im starting to feel uncomfortable
  • I cant believe my friend vapes and wants me to as well
  • I ask the teacher to go to the bathroom
  • I went to the bathroom because the conversation with my friend made me uncomfortable.
  • I was talking to myself in the bathroom about what to do.
  • But I have to make an excuse because he's my best friend but I cant vape