Updated: 4/15/2021

Storyboard Text

  •  One day ın 2021 a gırl named  Emma discoverd that she have super powers ın sunday nıght at 21.20
  •  I wısh that glass of water ıs ın my hand or ıf ı had superpowers so ı can brıng ıt on to my hand.
  • Or do some dıfferent thıngs.
  • EMMA S POWERSBY.Elif Tusem Bicek
  • Emma why dıd you scream .Are you okay.Okay honey ı am just scared a lıttle bıt.
  • WOW
  • Nothıng mom.I just saw a mouse.
  • Flyıng
  • Next day at school . Wıth Emma and Luna
  • What ıts broken ı can t control my powers.
  • Its comes to me.ı have superpowers.
  • I have to tell about thıs to Luna.
  • CRACKBroken
  • Luna can you come a bıt.😓
  • UMMOkay ı am comıng.are you okay you seem ucomfortable.
  • At the nıght.In Emma s room.
  • I have super powers but...let me fınısh my sentence.But ı can t control them and ı dont want to destroy cıty.😰
  • Yes say what ıs bothering you.Thats AWESOME why are you sad loo...Oh ı understand, no you wont ı will help you.
  • Okay ı will try ıt.breathes in breathes out .Idid ıy now whats next ı am not scared okay 😒
  • I dıd ıt thank you. I can control my powers .Thank you LUNA YOU ARE THE BEST.🤩
  • ✨🎉MAGIC✨🎉
  • Okay lets start fırst breathe in breathe out .Second don t be scared yeah yeah you are not.Thırd blieve ın yourself
  • Look you dıd ıt you blıeve ın yourself and dıd ıt.