the sniper

Updated: 5/19/2020
the sniper

Storyboard Text

  • A man was walking through the streets and night. In the beginning it was quiet, but out of no where gun shots broke the silence of the night.
  • In this picture it shows the republican sniper sitting on the rooftop
  • The sniper was peeking over and all of a sudden a bullet flashes over his head so he quickly moves towards his left. After being startled he looked up and saw a car go over the bridge.
  • The old lady was walking around the corner where she had spotted the sniper laying on the roof. She was scared and pointing at the sniper who she thought was dead on the roof.
  • Driving over the bridge the sniper spotted a car with an angry man sticking out holding a machine gun.
  • The sniper shot the man standing up. He darted across the street to turn over the dead body, little did he know the dead man was his brother