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Updated: 10/8/2020
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  • Oh I am getting email from the Russian mafia! Better open it!
  • From : The Russian MafiaNot ransomware lolololololol
  • Later that Day
  • Oh No! Your Files have been encrypted! Pay $100 or your files are going to be destroyed!
  • OH NO! My files are being held ransom!
  • What is this MALWARE!!!
  • It appears to be ransomware. The hackers are looking to hold your data ransom in exchange for money
  • Is there anything I can do to recover my data?
  • Is that email Freddy got safe?
  • Unfortunately, trying to brute force the private key is often nearly impossible without a concerted distributed effort. Paying the ransom may be the only way that you might get your files back
  • OH NO! Ransomware has taken over his computer!
  • Ransomware is virtually impossible to remove after it has successfully encrypted your files. Don't click on sketchy spam emails and keep backups on seperate devices so you can recover your data if your computer is compromised by ransomware.
  • Better not click on any sketchy spam emails from now! I knew I should've had backups!
  • Freddy is concerned about losing all his personal data.
  • Freddy loses all hope in life as he realizes that he isn't getting his Roblox skins back.
  • Ransomware is very difficult to remove once it has encrypted your files.
  • This is why you should keep backups and shouldn't click on emails from the Russian mafia.
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