Updated: 5/26/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hello! I'm so glad your parents let you go on our fieldtrip.
  • Me too! I woke up really early because I was so excited that I stumbled down the stairs since it was still dark and I couldn't see clearly!
  • Oh! We're passing by a tunnel. It's so dark but I have to answer our form quickly. Do you have a blue pen?
  • Can you even read the questions in the dark? I think I have a blue pen but I'm not sure which one it is since it's so dark that I can only see black and white.
  • Oh! It's bright again now. I can read this very clearly. I have to answer this quick so I can go to the cinema with you guys.
  • I found my pen. Here it is!
  • Interesting! It's about the human eyes.
  • So, that's how it feels to go blind huh? It's so dark here I couldn't see anything at first. They should have put lights!
  • It was very sunny outside my eyes are not used to the dark!
  • Everyone, please don't panic. Your eyes will eventually get used to the dark. Some lights will soon be turned on but for now, try your best to look for your sit number without tripping. Thank you.
  • How are we supposed to look for our sit number in the dark? It's hard to read. Let's wait for the lights.