Medieval Storyboard
Updated: 2/18/2021
Medieval Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • What's going on?
  • Please... Let me explain.
  • How could you do this to me? Wait until the church hears this.
  • Hello, what seems to be the occasion?
  • I caught my husband here cheating on me with another woman.
  • Explain yourself. At once!
  • I'm very sorry Father. I am guilty of this terrible action.
  • This is a sin that is nearly impossible to forgive. You are aware of that, right?
  • Yes, Father. I am aware.
  • Follow me and watch your step.
  • Serious action MUST be taken.
  • Uh oh...
  • Leonard Faerberg has hereby been excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Refrain from contact.
  • Moments later...