Unknown Story
Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • We've captured Cordoba and Cadiz, 2 major Moor cities.
  • Isabella
  • The ~Reconquista~
  • Ferdinand
  • We will now go to war in an attempt to capture Granada.
  • Granada Leader:We surrender
  • The Moors Have fallen!The War is over and we wall now all be christian.
  • Priest
  • Spanish Inquisition
  • Bob, you have been accused of not following the Roman Catholic faith and have sadly failed Judging trials
  • what do you mean? i am a loyal catholic citizen!
  • That's not when the trials have proven. You will now be tortured till your death!
  • NOOOO!
  • Columbus
  • Spanish Exploration
  • Dear God, Help us find the new world.
  • We've sailed West for 30 days. If we dont find land in the next 3 days im leaving!
  • Yippy L
  • The Caribbean