Updated: 10/12/2018
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  • Gilgamesh was king of Uruk and is a Demi-god
  • Enkidu was created as Gilgamesh's equal and was his guide
  • We will destroy Humbaba!
  • Their mission was to destroy Humbaba , Watchman of the forest
  • We surely will
  • Gilgamesh became afraid, because of a dream of Humbaba he had the previous night 
  • Enkidu I'm terrified
  • But, you are the son of a great mother and a divine father. Why must they mourn you?
  • You're right!
  • Enkidu reminds Gilgamesh of his origin and he is no longer frightened
  • Now that they have completed their first task of the journey, Enkidu tries to get rid of Gligamesh's lustful ways but, he fails.
  • Because Gilgamesh refuses the god Ishtar's proposal, she sends down the bull of heaven to kill them
  • They ultimately defeat the bull
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