Mozart and Beerhoven

Updated: 7/28/2020
Mozart and Beerhoven

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  • My father tours me around like yours , so I can be like you but, I hate being toured around by myfather,I refuse to play for the courts,
  • So am I!
  • My father tours me around and I make large sums of money. I am brilliant. I can improvise upon any tune that I hear! I am a child prodigy .
  • I am 29years of age and deaf it is my 1st symphony that I began doing this way and I will try to mask this from the public, do to I am afraid of what the future brings
  • During my last years I completed what became my most popular symphony, Symphony 40 and 41 "Jupiter my most famous opera. I am known for bringing the clarinet into the orchestra, and write 3 symphonies in a week , what have you done?Unlike you I would spend years on one symphony I am known for Motive melody. My music is not intended for entertainment it brings raw emotion. I'am known for bridging the gap between classical and the romantic period
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  • I moved to Vienna and became a free lance musical, I felt I deserved more. I did not like being told what to do.
  • You are correct we do have similar style of composing music, but I am known as the "pioneer of the classical style", because I mastered it.
  • It is interesting to known that Mozart was thought to be on the autistic spectrum . Some believed this explained his photographic memory and unusual social behavior. And that historians believe Beethoven did not grow deaf win a short period of time but gradually lost his hearing. They were both considered not easy to work with.
  • We both have similar composing styles of classical however I chose to challenge the conventional ideas in my later years and pushed music into the romantic period