Updated: 2/16/2021

Storyboard Text

  • What are your thoughts ? We can share and put it all together.
  • Task No. 1: Explanation on the quote stated by Leu,,
  • Literacy have been defined as traditional and new
  • She is like megamind. Thus, she knows accommodate diverse students
  • She is like the avatar. As she focuses on her goal and that is saving the world.
  • Go children! You can reach the finish line.
  • I know, we will make it to achieve and reach the goal.
  • She is like Spiderman. As she have more students, comes great responsibility
  • Okay students, we will begin today's recitation.
  • My Teacher in a nutshell. My Teacher, she teaches us different lessons with different activities. My favorite one when she group us in to three (3) and task us to answer the questions on board It was an amazing experience!
  • You did great child. We'll treat you in your favorite restaurant.
  • Wow! That's wonderful.
  • She shows initiative and looks for new ways to get involved.
  • My Teacher, she always focuses on learning goals. To develop understanding and skills. I am sure that in time it can be helpful on my chosen path.
  • She is like Princess Bubblegum. Thus, it it is also important for her the "Respect."
  • People get built different. We don't need to figure it out, we need to respect it
  • My Teacher, she always asks us what is our reflection or synthesize on certain lessons. I believe she wanted us to works with our classmates. She also wanted to for us to develop our love for learning.
  • My Teacher, she talks to us every single moment. It can be casual or academic discussions. Also, she updates my parents with my progress and things I needed to improve in terms of character and academics.
  • She is like Spongebob who isn't tired of speaking and listening.
  • My Teacher, she is not after all the lesson we can get but also she is after our character educations such as the golden rule. It can make us effective learner, productive contributor, confident, and responsible citizen as a whole.
  • Really? Thank you so much. I'll help you also with your assignment.
  • I'll help you bring back the books.
  • My Teacher, she continues to study as many days as she can. It is true what she says one day in class "Learning doesn't stop in the four corner of the room." And She is my Teacher.
  • The world is dynamic. I must adopt.