Unknown Story
Updated: 12/2/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Meeting
  • I want to kill a dinosaur.
  • Don't step off the path!
  • killing the dinosaur
  • I can't kill it I didn't think it would be that big.
  • Go back to the machine don't step off the path!
  • Stepping off path
  • You stepped off the path!
  • Eckels meets and pays 10,000 to go to any time he wanted and chooses to kill a dinosaur then meets his guide Travis and gets told to not step off the path.
  • Ruining the future
  • Who is president?
  • Travis takes Eckels to when the dinosaurs existed and they plan to kill one that is already going to die they can tell because they marked it with a red paint ball gun.
  • Finding the butterfly
  • I should kill you.
  • I will pay I'm sorry
  • Eckels backs out of killing the dinosaur so Travis does it and Eckels gets scared anf tries running away and steps off the path.
  • The sound of thunder
  • You ruined the future!
  • Travis takes Eckels to go to the future and see if anything changes and the sign changes and there is a different president.
  • Travis pushes Eckels to the ground and looks at the bottom of his shoe and finds nothing then looks at the side and finds that Eckels steps on a butterfly.
  • Travis looks at Eckels and then pulls out a gun and shoots him for ruining the future.
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