Comic Strip Project 1
Updated: 11/23/2020
Comic Strip Project 1

Storyboard Text

  • Martin Luther hangs up his 95 theses.
  • Someone is actually putting in some effort, Soon I think the predestination idea will rise 
  • You've got some brilliant ideas for Catholic Church reform. I've even got some suggestions 
  • 95 Theses By Martin Luther
  • Martin Luther meets with John Calvin.
  • Predestination is significant, everybody needs to understand that heaven will only go to the elect. Gaming, alcohol and colorful clothing can be avoided.
  • Predestination is ridiculous. Existence is determined by faith alone. Who matters if people dance or wear bright colors?
  • Desiderius Erasmus meets with Ulrich Zwingli.
  • It's so nice, Erasmus, to finally meet you. I am in agreement with all of your policy proposals.
  • The Church's extravagant ceremonies must go out and the essence of the Bible must also be highlighted.
  • The translation of the Bible into the vernacular is one of the most significant improvements required in the Church.
  • Luther, Calvin, Erasmus, and Zwingli argue.
  • The elaborate rituals of the Church must go out and must still highlight the meaning of the Bible.
  • Calvin, How can you be so foolish? The entrance to heaven is a solid friendship with Christ.
  • Huh?? I haven’t really considered it but I don't really agree.
  • I can appreciate each of your thoughts, but you don't think it is more important to address corruption in the Church most importantly.
  • The Church responds to heretic beliefs.
  • The need for change, I know. The printing press will aid with promoting the Church's new values. I'm going to write a book in the name of God that forbids what Christians should read. Then the books ofheretics can't be read.
  • The reformers react to the "Index of Prohibited Books."
  • I am speechless
  • This is despicable!First of all, they inform us that they should not read the Bible, and now they restrict their right to chose their values.
  • Zwingli, check this out! The Church is becoming impotent! They can't just burn books anymore and expect them to vanish.
  • Yes, haha!