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Updated: 11/4/2020
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  • Why do you look angry? I have returned and I saved Antonio!
  • Where is the ring I gave him?!
  • Uhhh...I HAD to give it away in order to save Antonio!
  • Show me your hand! Where is my ring?!
  • No I do love you!
  • I had to do it to save Antonio! Balthazar asked for the ring and I had to do it!
  • Well if it was that easy to convince you to give it away, then you must not love me after all!
  • No, I promise you that I love you Portia! And-wait.. why doesn't it matter anymore?
  • You obviously love Antonio more than me, but that doesn't matter now...
  • Because...
  • WHAT?! How could you? I thought you were different!
  • ....I cheated on you with Balthazar.
  • That's it! I'm leaving!
  • I thought you were different too!
  • You can keep it, Balthazar. You've already proven your loyalty to me by doing this for me. You're much more worthy of being my husband that Bassanio ever was!
  • Later that night....
  • Yes, I am. Tomorrow morning, let's go get married!
  • Here's your ring, I'm sorry for the measure of which you took to determine if your husband was loyal.
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