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Updated: 5/23/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Tell me about it Leah, I had the least refreshing sleep of my life. I am beyond ecstatic.
  • This is going to be our first time in New York Joanne, I am thrilled, pumped and far too overexcited. 
  • That train ride was a speedy train journey. What a multicultural city. Nothing like our dull hometown.
  • This guy is unique, with his mohawk hair and characteristic bow tie, what a treat!
  • These bothersome girls think I can't hear them!
  • She is breathtaking. I adore you.
  • Look a bride and groom! THey must have just gotten married. How adorable. He is so handsome and she is stunning in that intricate white gown. I hope I get to wear one one day. 
  • This is incredible!
  • My daughter you have never looked as lovely as you do today, welcome to our enormous family son!
  • This was a perfect break from all the walking this morning. This cafe is delightful. What delicious treats, and the coffee had a great nutty taste. 
  • Should we take a tour to the Statue of Liberty you know it's the one sight we must see in New York. She has been described as incredible in all the travel guides.
  • We have to go!
  • Look at her Joanne, she is dazzling and far more grand than any picture could do justice.
  • There she is up ahead. What a marvelous piece of architecture. I can't believe my eyes.
  • Lady Liberty in all her splendor. I am so glad we came to New York, this has been a magnificent experience.
  • I agree Joanne, look how regal she is even after all this time. This had been a remarkable trip.