Theft in the house
Updated: 12/19/2019
Theft in the house
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  • Exposition
  • Hi, hey do you want to steal something at the shop near your house.Get ready!!
  • Inciting incident
  • welcome bill.Uh... sure i guess
  • Rising Action1
  • Hi
  • hello there.
  • Once upon a time, their was a boy named Zack and having a good time at home and this friend is coming over to hang out and his friends name was bill.
  • Rising Action 2
  • Uh sure If I get to go to jail I am going to tell he made me do it,
  • Fine, you ready to get out of here we got the stuff now lets go!!!
  • When Zack was watching t.v. and his friend is here to hang and bill he ask zack do you want to some stuff at the store.
  • climax
  • t was him it was the stuff from the store that he made me do.
  • Please don't send me to jail.
  • We are here at the store and we are going to steal a lot and we will not get caught because the worker takes a break every 15 mins because his boss tells him and he turns off the camera too.
  • Falling Action & Resolution
  • And Now it has been 15 mins they can start stealing a lot of things and money too.And someone or something was outside for them too.
  • "And the cop are outside"
  • And the cop where their because bill said the camera where off and they start to take the candy when the camera where on and the worker was watching the video camera in the back.
  • Be honest and what in the bag and we will go to court.
  • The cop took the two boys to the court room and bill the person said lets steal well he got community service for 6 years.And Zack he got to go home he did have a warning but he was part of it but bill been stealing since when he was growing up.
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