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Activity #3: Storyboard That Characterization
Updated: 10/1/2020
Activity #3: Storyboard That Characterization
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Storyboard Text

  • "It was not actually true that he had to work tonight, though he very much wanted to"(Finney 6).
  • Direct- This quote shows that Tom alues work more than his wife.
  • I will see you when you get back
  • Indirect- This quote shows that Tom is more focused on work then anything else.
  • “He saw the yellow sheet, dimly now in the darkness outside, lying on the ornamental ledge a yard below the window”(Finney 7)
  • direct- Tom is willing to risk his life for his project.
  • “To simply go out and get his paper was an easy task- he could be back here with it in less then two minutes- and he knew he wasn’t deceiving himself”(Finney 8).
  • He understood fully that he was going to die; his arms, maintaining his balance on the ledge, were trembling steadily now”(Finney 15).
  • Indirect- Tom realized that he was going to die for a sheet of paper.
  • “He thought of Clare- just a wordless, yearning thought- and then drew his arm back just a bit more, fist so tight his fingers pained him, and knowing he was going to do it” (Finney 16).
  • Clare
  • Indirect- Tom realized that Clare was more important than his project.
  • “ There he got his topcoat and hat, and without waiting to put them on, opened the front door and stepped out, to go find his wife”(Finney 16).
  • Direct- This quote shows that Tom was excited to find Clare.
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