Updated: 3/12/2021

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  • I'm Lucas today is a gloomy day and all I can think abut are my parents who left me when I was young.
  • See you later Lucas!
  • You too Ben.
  • Long ago in a far away land there was a boy named Lucas who was an orphan living with a foster family.
  • Its going to be a long day.
  • Lucas is a young boy who never met his parent. he was just a toddler when they left him in the orphanage which is why he is so sad all the time.
  • Hi I'm Lucas yes lets be friends.
  • Hi my name is Liam want to be friends.
  • Lucas is going out to adventure the capital to grab some food supplies for Ben his foster parent.
  • I'm happier now that I have a friend and we can hang out all the time.
  • The capital is the largest city in the country with the highest population
  • Liam and Lucas became very close friends and Lucas became happier now that he has a friend.
  • Lucas and Liam were together from that day on and their friendship could not be broken.