6th Period Story Project
Updated: 1/14/2021
6th Period Story Project

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  • Alright, Uncle. I'll chat with ya' later.
  • Rock Family Reunion
  • Get a load of this guy...
  • Heh, it's pretty METAMORPHIC to see you too.
  • What they talkin' 'bout?
  • Oh, looks like someone finally ERODED to the occasion.
  • Hey, I don't know. He known to ERUPT. Mama VOLCANO had enough of him, big bro.
  • It'll be SEDIMENTARY of you to not talk to IGNEOUS, man.
  • That's nothing. Can't you see how WEATHERING done me wrong?!
  • After he melted back '09, he never been the same.
  • Get STRIATED, show-off.
  • The cycle not all that bad. You see how FOLIATED my rock hard body is.
  • What's up, cousin? Like the shades? $200 for'em.
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