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Greece Story board 2 (this one)
Updated: 11/16/2017
Greece Story board 2 (this one)
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Storyboard Text

  • Minotaur I am here to destroy you....FOR GREECE!
  • Get back you beast!
  • Hello i'm the Minotaur, the half bull, half man. For years King Minos has trapped me in this labyrath to eat teens, but they just keep attacking, I just want to help.
  • Help!, Help! Help!, PLEASE!
  • UMMM! Well uhhhh!
  • Theseus son of King Aegues came down with a silver sword that glittered from the tip to the bottom. He had a mad face ready to kill me.
  • I Ran down the tunnel, hoping to lead him to the end, but he ran with glory, and tried to get his revenge for Greece. I entered the bottom hoping to find the end.
  • Down you go! Now I must return to my father, and the land of Greece.
  • I stepped over the bridge that almost snapped due to a bad piece of wood. I looked back, and Theseus tripped hanging on the edge of the bridge. I stood there dazed, and confused...should I help?
  • I grabbed his hand, and lifted Theseus up to safety, He started coughing, and choking on water, he eventually got up, and looked me into the eyes.
  • Theseus put a hand on my back, I put my hand on his, but in seconds I let go, and he keep his on. Theseus pushed me in the back, and I went flying meeting the water, and I couldn't get up...
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