Job Promotion
Updated: 4/28/2020
Job Promotion

Storyboard Text

  • Elevator Talk
  • Mornin Bob, you ready for the big meeting today?
  • Yeah Bill, looking forward to it
  • Hinting at Promotion
  • No Tom, what news?
  • Hi there Bill, have you heard about the news?
  • Coworker Wishing Bill Luck
  • Thanks Claire!
  • Good luck in your big meeting today!
  • Bob and Bill are presenting the quarter end financials to their CFO today. They are making sure they are each ready to present their findings.
  • Big Meeting
  • Thank you for listening to my presentation Matt
  • Bill did a great job with that presentation
  • Great job there Bill! Can I speak to you in my office?
  • Tom is a manager that knows the news about Bill's big promotion. He subtly hints at the news which gets Bill thinking about what will happen.
  • Promotion
  • Thank you Matt! I happily accept!
  • I would like to offer you a promotion to Senior Manager
  • Bill's coworker Claire wishes him luck during the meeting. They know how important these meetings are for the company.
  • Reflecting on Promotion
  • I finally made it to my dream position
  • Bob and Bill finish the presentation and thank Matt for listening. Bob thinks Bill did a great job. Matt thought they did an excellent job and wants to talk to Bill in his office.
  • Matt gives Bill his promotion to Senior Manager. Bill is ecstatic.
  • Bill is happy he got his dream job. The job was much busier than he expected. He was so stressed that he needed Clifford, his emotional support dog.
  • bark