Snail's Journey
Updated: 2/9/2021
Snail's Journey

Storyboard Text

  • But it is too soft and mushy for a shell.
  • Ugh, why do I have to look so plain? Everyone else looks so colorful and nice.
  • Hey! I know, I could go find a new shell!
  • This looks like the right size for a shell, and it's color is so vibrant!
  • Oh! This mushroom could make a great shell, it could shield me from rain and predators
  • Definitely not! It doesn't protect me from predators!
  • But it is way to heavy for me.
  • Maybe a flower would work, it is very pretty.
  • Run!
  • Oh no oh no oh no
  • aaaaaa
  • My old shell is the best, and I couldn't ask for anything better.
  • My shell!
  • The snail should have no shell in all these scenes, except for the first one.
  • The snail tries out 2 more things, a mushroom, and a flower, in all these panels, the snail should appear as a slug, or just a snail with no shell. After he tries on the flower, a bird spots him and he starts running (slowly crawling) away.
  • Between scene #2 and #3m snail jumps into shell, and because of this momentum, he goes rolling down the hill behind the shell, after scene #3, snail has shell again. The blue circle represents the shell.