act 2 macbeth
Updated: 1/24/2020
act 2 macbeth
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  • Hallucinates Bloody Dagger
  • Scene 1
  • lets discuss the witches prophecies at a later time.
  • Scene 2
  • I'll take it back myself.
  • You forgot to leave the dagger!
  • I refuse to go back in that room.
  • The deed is done.
  • Scene 3
  • O Horror, Horror
  • The Fury I could not restrain myself.
  • Macbeth talks to banquo and decide to discuss the witches prohecies later. Macbeth then has a hallicianation of a dagger because he is worried about killing king Duncan. He hears a signal that the kings guard are asleep and Macbeth goes to king Duncans chamber.
  • Scene 4
  • The chamberlains are most likely Duncan's murderers.
  • Macbeth has been named king by the other lords
  • Macbeth killed the king But forgot to leave the dagger to frame someone. Lady Macbeth takes the dagger to the chamber and Macbeth to was the blood of his hands. They hear knocking.
  • Scene
  • The knocking was Macduff at the door. He enters and finds king Duncan dead. Macbeth explains by saying that his fury was so powerful that he could not restrain. He killed the chamberlains. Lady Macbeth suddenly faints acting suprised.
  • Scene
  • Strange happenings have been occurring the last few days.
  • Ross and an old man go on a walk and discuss the happenings. Macduff tells Ross that Macbeth is to be named king chosen by the other lords and that the chamberlains are most likely king Duncan's murderers.
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