Unknown Story
Updated: 3/22/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • complicating incident
  • rising action
  • this is the exposition because this is when they got kicked out of weed when Lennie riped the girls dress
  • climax
  • when they get to their new job and gorge and Lennie go to talk to Carlson witch is the boss and Lennie is told not to speak
  • falling action
  • this is the rising action because this is when they got there new job and live in the bunk house
  • resolution
  • this shows the climax because this is where candy finds Curley's wife dead in the barn where Lennie was with his dead puppy
  • I should probably go check on Lennie
  • this is the falling action because this is when go to find Lannie to kill him for killing Curley's wife
  • this is the resolution because this is when George finds Lennie and then and then he shoots him in the back of the head so then no one else would do it
  • "sighs"
  • we are going to live on a farm with chickens and where i get to tend the rabbits