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6 acts
Updated: 10/6/2020
6 acts
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Storyboard Description

I will remake six acts/events that the British made for the colonists.

Storyboard Text

  • Would that anger the colonists?
  • We should find a way to pay our dept!
  • The Stamp act March 22nd,1765
  • If we must.
  • Gentlemen, we should stamp everything that the colonists buy made from paper or printed so we can see if they actually paid for it
  • Let’s make them tax over imported goods!
  • The Townshend act, 1767
  • The Intolerable acts ,1774
  • Finally somebody agrees with me!
  • Yeah what he says!
  • We must find a way to pay for our dept!
  • We won’t shoot!
  • FIRE!
  • The Boston Massacre March 5th,1770
  • FIRE!
  • The Boston Massacre March 5th,1770
  • Let’s finish dumping this until the British find out we’re not really Indians,we can’t let them find out.(whispers)
  • The Boston Tea Party December 16th 1773
  • Let’s do it!(whispers)
  • Yeah Pay!
  • They must pay for what they did.The incident at Boston won’t fix itself!
  • Tax them too!
  • You guys are crazy!
  • They made this line to distinguish the land of the colony’s and the Appalachian mountains which was a act issued by King George lll himself!
  • Proclamation of 1763
  • Can you tell me again why the British marked a line here which the colonists can’t pass?
  • They must pay for what they did!
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