Updated: 3/31/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I heard that they are trying a new formula to make it more tasteful.
  • Its a beautiful day in New York. I can see the bubble gum factory.
  • What was that! What happened?!
  • Help!! There has been an explosion in the factory!
  • We need to call the police! NOW!
  • Get the hoes! NOW!!
  • We need to find out what happen! we need the people out.
  • I will have a talk with him and might have to let him go.
  • There was a peace of gum latex stuck in the producer. This wouldn't have happen if the man in charge wouldn't have left his spot without telling anyone.
  • Lets just hope this doesn't happen again.
  • Well at least no one was hurt and found out the problem.
  • I know right...
  • Never mind.