Zeynep 1
Updated: 12/13/2020
Zeynep 1

Storyboard Text

  • In business centers, hospitals, shopping malls and streets, there are lots of light everywhere and until the night hours.
  • Nothing less then light pollution.
  • When it gets dark indoor and outdoor, lighting devices are started to be used immediately in all kinds of workplaces, homes, offices, schools and hospitals.
  • Hospital
  • Yes, it is compulsory in hospitals etc. but people have an incredible electric consumption!!!
  • Continuous lighting is on at the airports, bus, subway and train stations.
  • Yes it's right, we need to save this world from light pollution.
  • Our recourses are not enough and we can produce a paint that should minimize light pollution.
  • Yes, so we should use the lighting resources all around at a minimum level.
  • This paint should be organic, eco-friendly, quick drying and shouldn't harm the environment.
  • When you paint any surface with it, the paint absorbs sunlight or any kind of light and when it is dark, it reflects the light around to minimize light pollution.
  • Now we use less lighting tools before with the use of ZE-PAINT
  • Yes, it works! Now we saved the environment.
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