Updated: 3/12/2020
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  • Decisions
  • Bravery
  • Heroism
  • The sniper had a decision to make, he felt the urge to smoke a cigarette, the flash of a lighter would likely give away his position. He decides to take the risk and in return he gave his position away almost getting himself killed.
  • Death
  • The sniper is risking his life in an extremely dangerous setting he is surrounded by enemies with no help all but himself. The chances of dying are much greater then making it out alive.
  • ThemeIts not worth the risk
  • hmmmm
  • The sniper is risking his life for others he will likely not make it out alive but he is taking that risk to help, save or make others lives better
  • your unknown enemy could be anyone
  • the sniper killed his brother, he did not know it was his brother but he killed him and now has to live with it.
  • in the story the sniper decides to light a cigarette fully knowing the risk of it giving his position away which it did if he had sucked it up and not taken the risk he would of saved himself almost dying and getting shot in the shoulder.
  • IN the story the sniper gets shot at by an enemy sniper he eventually kills the enemy. His curiosity gets to the best of him so he has to take a look at who it was. It was his his brother.
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