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Show your Knowledge on Water-Science
Updated: 10/11/2020
Show your Knowledge on Water-Science
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  • WOW! We are so lucky to have potable(drinkable) and freshwater(water that doesn't have salt) in this part of the city!
  • *The numbers are the order you should read this!
  • What are water and sewage treatment plants?
  • Yes, the reason we have potable water is because we have water and sewage treatment plants to make sure the water is clean. Let's take a trip to show you other water sources!
  • Yeah we should be grateful, because in other parts of the world there is not potable water.
  • Yes, exactly! Anyway, this is a river, as you can see it is very clean! It has low turbidity(cloudiness), and high dissolved oxygen(amount of oxygen in the water)! There are also lots of bio indicators(living organisms that indicate the quality of water)! That means this water is a good and healthy water source!
  • Now lets head to one more water source!
  • Oh, water treatment is the process where you purify the water to make it potable, sewage treatment is the process where people purify waste water and return it to the ocean!
  • HAHA look I'm over here! By the why what are water and sewage plants?
  • So what kind a pollution would this be?
  • As you can see this factory is right next to the ocean. The water is polluted (contaminated with harmful things) because of the factory. There is oil coming from pipes that come from the factory! There is also trash and glass on the sand and in the water!
  • Thanks for helping us learn more about water sources!
  • Yes it would be point source pollution because non point source pollution is where you cannot trace the specific place the pollution is coming from.
  • Wouldn't this be point source pollution since the pollution can be traced back to the factory!
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