HW Economics
Updated: 12/16/2019
HW Economics
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  • Intro1
  • The portal!
  • It worked!
  • Mad Scientist (Co-Worker)
  • What worked?
  • Holy crap!
  • Intro2
  • Traditional
  • We simply trade amongst our village, as god has intended. Every one puts in a hand, so that we may all be well.
  • We must get back to tending the farm! The "Good Season" is almost over!.
  • The year is 2119, a couple of scientist have been working on secret time machine. Resources are running low, and we are in desperate need of help. So these two scientist devise a plan. They plan on bring back resources that have been depleted!
  • Command
  • We are in power, the people simply follow orders and are expected to do as they are told.
  • The project was a success... somewhat. It didn't bring back resources, instead they brung back people from the past! They made a plan B and asked them how they gave out resources. And they had a translator as well.
  • Market
  • The government has little to no oversight of us. We choose how resources get used and what good are produced.
  • First they interviewed the pilgrims. They explained that they had a traditional economy. This economic system was quite primitive, yet effective. They told stories of everyone part taking in the trading of goods to benefit the village.
  • Mixed
  • We basically have a mix of these, we take a little from here and there. Then we make it one, for optimal function.
  • We did it first!
  • We interviewed the USSR government official, after some explanation, we got him to talk. He told us of a command economy. The people have little control over investment and income. The government basically controls all resources and how they get distributed.
  • May I go now, there are people that need to be told how to think, eat, and buy.
  • Then we interviewed the Chinese merchant, she explained that what a market economy. The people are are in control of all resources, with some oversight of the government.
  • Lastly we interviewed someone from 100 years ago, she spoke of a mixed economy. She explained that it was a combination of all the others. And with that they were all off, each back to their own timeline.
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