first day of grade 5

Updated: 6/18/2020
first day of grade 5

Storyboard Text

  • it is the first day of school and it is raining they have t wear colourful uniforms and colourful back packs emmie went to high school and they are in grade 5 they are at a performing arts school.
  • from the left is lillyana and zoeyana Mathews, Marcus Williams, Ryder Thomas, jade west, saige colplyn, jaxson lions,
  • mckenna Patterson, dale lewin, cat valentine, flyin Oliver and crystal valentine and with Mrs Angelina smith.
  • hey you want to come over today
  • hey you guys are jade and cat right you are in our class you know the our mascot the snowflakes.
  • bring a change of clothes
  • sure
  • um yeah im jade west and you must be thinking of crystals twin cat thats crystal valentine.
  • hi mom this is jade west and crystal valentine
  • hi im crystal you must be lillyana and zoeyana Mathews
  • hi ms Matthews
  • hi girls would you like to change the girls bathroom is upstairs and to the left.
  • hi do you want a tour of our house ?
  • we would love one