Jack Wiggins - The Process of Cows
Updated: 2/13/2020
Jack Wiggins - The Process of Cows

Storyboard Text

  • First is the "Cow Calf Operation."
  • In the cow calf operation cows are kept by farmers to reproduce other cows.
  • Second is the "Weaning" stage.
  • Weaning is where the cows get fed when they are 7 months to 8 months old.
  • The third stage is "Stocker and Backgrounders.'
  • This stage is where they put the cows up for stocking.
  • The fourth stage is the "auction" stage.
  • In the auction stage they put the cows up for auction where the cows are bet on.
  • The fifth stage is the "feed yard" stage.
  • In the feed yard stage is where they finish the cows off and get them ready for the cows to go into a store.
  • The final and last stage of the cow process is "Packing Plant" stage.
  • In the packing plant stage they pack the cow meat and drive them in trucks to stores where customers buy the beef (cow meat).