The Lottery
Updated: 3/22/2020
The Lottery

Storyboard Text

  • "Adams... Anderson... Bentham...Dunbar... Hutchinson... Matin..."
  • He didn't have enough time to choose!
  • On the morning of June 27th, the village began to gather in the square for the annual lottery that happens each year. Mr. Summers arrived in the square carrying a black wooden box. The head of each household will draw a slip of paper from the box.
  • Mr. Summers starts calling the names of the families in the village. The head of each household starts to draw a slip of papaer from the black box.
  • After the last name is called, all the slips of paper were opened. All the women began to ask "who is it," "who's got it." It's Hutchinson. Bill Hutchinson. Tessie Hutchinson begins to shout that Bill did not have enough time to choose.
  • It isn't fair, it isn't right!!
  • The Hutchinson family is called up to the box. Mr. Summers puts five slips of paper including the one Mr. Hutchinson already had in the box. Mr. Summers starts to call each name to pick a slip starting with Dave.
  • They all open the slips of paper from the box and each paper is blank except for Tessie's. Tessie has a black dot on her slip of paper.
  • Mr. Summers directs the villagers to pick up stones that are on the ground. Tessie begins to screams as the villagers approached her. A stone hits her on the head, as old man Warner continues to encourage the villagers.