Betelgeuse children's comic book

Updated: 9/17/2020
Betelgeuse children's comic book

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, Im Betelgeuse I'm going to take you through my life of being a star. It all starts when I was a young Nebula, just a gas cloud of dust particles, hydrogen, helium, and energy.
  • All the particles would compress together to the point where I would become into a protostar after many many years the fusion in my core allows me to grow bigger and bigger making me into a Red Supergiant.
  • After I went through my main sequence phase I became a Red supergiant and I'm about 700x larger than the sun. I will soon run out of fuel and will collapse under pressure from my own weight and rebound into a supernova explosion
  • The Iron atoms in my core absorb energy and release it through this explosion. 75% of me will be blown away by a shockwave. I will light up the sky for weeks after this huge explosion. I will no longer exist and will disappear into the night sky.
  • Right now Betelgeuse is still in the Red Supergiant stage and is about 8.5 million years old and reaching the end of his life. Betelgeuse is 11 million in solar mass, has a temperature of 3,500 Kelvin, and has a luminosity 140,000x brighter than the sun.
  • Created by Makaylee Kuiken