History Storyboard Pedro

History Storyboard  Pedro

Storyboard Text

  • Founding Fathers
  • I found articles about this place making great goverment
  • We need Ideas for a new government
  • I agree with you Mr.Green
  • Okay I will sign the magna carta
  • Magna Carta
  • We want fair laws
  • Mayflower Compact
  • I have an Idea
  • We need a government for this place
  • We need rights for everyone not only rich and modern
  • English Bill Of Rights
  • Founding Fathers getting ideas about how the government should be like
  • I have information
  • I agree
  • The King been forced by the nobles to sign the Magna Carta
  • This is unfair. England Is ruling us so I am going to create a Self-Government
  • Common Sense
  • Making the Mayflower Compact Government because they got lost
  • We need a US constitution
  • Us Constitution
  • We have found some articles for the constitution
  • A meeting were they create a new government that includes for everyone (English Bill Of Rights)
  • Thomas Paine creating a Self-Government
  • People giving ideas about what the US constitution should be like when created.
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