The Patient 2

Updated: 10/6/2021
The Patient 2

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  • A few weeks later i moved into the house on brook street, mr blessington also came to live, said his heart was weak and he needed to live near a doctor. He turned the two best rooms into a bedroom and a living room for himself, he had strange habits, seemed to be friendless and very rarely went out
  • A few weeks ago, the gentleman came down to talking to me and mentioned a recent robbery in London, he seemed to be surprisingly worried and anxious and wanted to put stronger locks on our doors and windows, he remained in this strange state of anxiety for a week, he never stopped looking out the window and he didn't come out at all, he seemed to be living with a terrible fear of something or someone but when I asked him about this then he responded very rudely.
  • Two days ago I received a letter that I will read to you, there is no address or date on it."Dear Dr. Trevelyan, I am a Russian gentleman but now I live in England for some years I have been suffering from catalepsy, as you are a great and well-known brain specialist I would like to consult you I will call you in the morning at approximately six fifteen and I hope that you will the time is convenient."
  • I was waiting in my office that time the next night because catalepsy is a rare disease and I was extremely interested in Russian, he was a thin old man and next to him a young man, he was tall and handsome with a strong face, I support the old man on the stretcher and withdrew.
  • I turned to the older man to start talking about his illness, he did not speak English very well so it was difficult to understand him, he suddenly stopped answering my questions, he was sitting very rigid and looking at me with strange empty eyes, he was in a state of catalepsy of course as a professional I was excited, I took notes about his condition and decided to treat him with some medicine that I think is helpful for such conditions, the bottle was in my warehouse so I went looking for it, then I went back to my office, and Mr. Holmes , the old man was not there, the waiting room was also empty.
  • I did not think that the Russians would return but tonight they entered my office, they were very sorry to have left yesterday, he said that when catalepsy occurs his mind does not remember what had been happening and why he was in a hospital, so he just got up and went to the street. I went through it and gave him the best advice I could, then he and his son left, later Mr. Blessington came and went to his room a moment later I heard him running and he rushed into my office and said someone He had been in his room, I went upstairs with him and he pointed out several footprints on the ground, those are certainly not the blessington marks, they were much bigger and it seemed quite fresh because it had rained hard that day and the two Russians were my only visitors, I thought the younger man should have gone up to the room but nothing was missing, blessigton mentioned your name, that you could help and of course I came here immediately