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Updated: 9/28/2021
Unknown Story

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  • July, 2015San Jose, California
  • HAHAHA!!
  • Mom, I want another younger sibling...
  • HAHAHA!!
  • If you want another younger sibling, then you should pray. If you pray, then God will give you another younger sibling.
  • July, 2015San Jose, California
  • I wasn't at the age where I knew all the grown up stuff, so ever since that day, I kept on praying whenever I thought about or saw a baby.
  • Really? Then, I'll keep praying!
  • June 2017South Korea
  • Dear God, I pray that you give me another sibling.
  • Until one day.....
  • Everyone!!!Come!!
  • May 2019South Korea
  • Why'd you call all of us?
  • I'm pregnant!
  • Finally! I'm not the youngest anymore!
  • May 2019South Korea
  • Boy or a girl?
  • The whole family was very excited to hear that we were going to get another baby.
  • YESSSS!!!!!
  • In the summer of 2019, I moved to New York and lived with my cousins, so I called my parents once a week and I never forgot to ask when the baby was going to be born.
  • December 2020New York
  • Until the day came.....
  • When's the baby's due date?