President talking to iowa
Updated: 2/23/2021
President talking to iowa

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Iowa and Gov. Kimmy R. Im going to need you guys to admidt some immigrants for me, Thanks in advance!
  • President Joe Biden
  • Actually I can Kim!
  • Gov. Covid Kimmy
  • I´d like to see you try!
  • Well you see Kim, it is unconstitutional to not let them in because the state would be breaking the supremacy clause .
  • In the Federal Goverement we can also navigate the amount of time that they are aloud to stay in the state.
  • Wow Joe I did not even realize going against the federal government was such a big issue
  • Lastly Kim , the Federal Government regulates how and what it takes for the immigrants to be come U.S. citizens
  • Kim your a state official!! What do you mean you did not think it was a big deal?!
  • Wow! You can send them our way any time!