spanish explorers

Updated: 9/10/2020
spanish explorers

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  • 1492 Columbus
  • penida 1519
  • Cortes 1519
  • he found the new world by accident to sail from Spain to India
  • cabeza de vaca 1526
  • first to explore and map out Texas coast
  • Coronado 1540
  • conquered Aztecs and took all of their riches for Spain and came back with it and gave more power to Spain they came in on horses and in shining Armour renamed it mexico city
  • la salle 1685-1687
  • he shipwrecked on Galveston island and got captured by the kawankas and finally got out then told Spain the fabled stories of the 7 cities of gold
  • he fails to find gold and silver so he claimed the land actually he claimed a lot of land
  • missed the mississippi river he was already a famous french explorer and had claimed land on the Mississippi river and landed on the matadoda bay and kawankawas destroyed their villages then they escaped with very little men and then they killed him