All Quiet: Paul Returns Home
Updated: 11/16/2020
All Quiet: Paul Returns Home

Storyboard Text

  • *A zoom out shot of Paul walking into his house*
  • Paul had finally arrived home to see his mother and sister at long last
  • She is not doing too well
  • *Have the room slowly light up more and more as Paul walks into the house*
  • Mother! Paul has returned home
  • Hello sister, how is mother doing?
  • *Have the camera pan across the room as the two talk
  • Paul, it is good to see you, but are you hurt?
  • No, I am fine, it is good to see you too
  • *zoom up of Pauls face when his mother asks him about the war, and a slow zoom out after he answers*
  • I am ill, but do not worry about me, is it very bad out there in the war?
  • ..., it is fine.