Updated: 1/21/2021

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  • Roanoke Island
  • where did they go
  • croatoan
  • JamesTown
  • Plymouth
  • John white left to get food and then he got stuck in a war and didn't come back for 3 years.
  • Massachusetts bay colony
  • They put walls up so they won't get attacked by the indians.
  • Pennsylvania
  • I wish I had money
  • The indians showed the pilgrims how to farm with fish.
  • Georgia
  • The king of England did't want the Puritans to have religion so the people went to Massachusetts bay
  • The Quakers grew wheat so they could make bread so they can eat. They were tolerant and friendly to other groups.
  • People were going to jail for not paying there bills.So people went to Georgia for a new life. They got farm land in Georgia to use to make money