Chapter 8
Updated: 3/12/2020
Chapter 8

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  • The Letter
  • Melba Entering Central High
  • Asking Melba Questions
  • The first event is when the white guys came with black hats. Then Melba's grandma got her gun and said where are you from and they said that they are from the office of the president. So they said that they have a message from the president and they showed proof. Then they said to her if Melba will be going back to central hgh and they said that she will be safe.
  • So then when she entered central high there was a man named Danny and he was a bodyguard. So then he took her to class and she tried to sit by the window to see Danny. So then the teacher said that if you don't sit there she would have to go to the principal. When she was in the classroom the boys were saying ugly words at her.
  • So then Melba was still at Central High and there were people that was asking her question. The first question that they said to her if she would wish to be white or a N.... So then she said she is proud of who she is. The second question that they said to her if she can write and speak at the same time. But Melba she said that she don't know.