beginner 2
Updated: 3/10/2021
beginner 2

Storyboard Text

  • Oh right, I have some things you might like.
  • Hi, welcome to the store.
  • Hi, I´m so exited beause I like to buy many things.
  • They cost 20 dollars and there are in white. black and pink.
  • I need to buy shoes. How much do these cost?
  • Do you have them on size 37?
  • Im going to check in the hold because I´m not having a good conection to the system server.
  • 20 minutes later..
  • Yes, sorry; Here´s your shoes
  • Excuse me, Can you hurry? My dad is waiting for me
  • Thank you.
  • That cost 15 dollars.
  • How much does this purse cost?
  • Those cost 8 dollars.
  • Ok I also want to buy socks. How much do those cost?