Comic "The thief"
Updated: 2/19/2021
Comic "The thief"

Storyboard Description

Mark is a good man with many troubles one of them is that he hasnt money , so his life is in trouble, needs to make a decision that will change his life

Storyboard Text

  • But i dont have money enough
  • I need to pay back the money to this guy.
  • Mark doesnt have the money that a guy lent him a few day ago
  • Mark need the money!. He is desperate his only option is...
  • Where are you been? Have you the money'
  • If noy you are lost
  • You hvae 24 hours to give me all the money
  • No, i need more time, please given me more time
  • Yes sure sure
  • He has chosen to become a thief. Stealing money from his brother´s account.
  • Hi! I am Jonh perez and i want to take out money form my account.
  • What can i do for you?
  • Good mornig and welcome to "BBVA Bancomer"
  • Mark doesnt have the money