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Updated: 10/30/2020
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  • Mr.Frank
  • He is the leader and always looks for the positives.
  • Mr. Frank was 53 when they went into hiding. Is smart and nimble
  • He is very level headed and know when he is doing most of the time.
  • Mrs.Frank
  • When she try to comfort Ann she gets rejected by her.
  • Is around 40 years old. Loves her family.
  • She wishes that Anne would like her more. She has trust in Mr.Frank to help everyone.
  • Anne Frank
  • She was around the age 13 when they when on to hiding.
  • She is a very hyperactive kid that is having hard time doing nothing all day.
  • She does not like being told to be more like her sister. She relay loves her dad sometimes dissing her mom.
  • Mr.Van Daan
  • Fat enough to go and steal food at night. Is addicted to smoking.
  • A bigger man as in chubby and fat. Is an older man around the age 60.
  • Mrs.Van Daan
  • Makes fun of her son or the other kids. Is in her mid 40.
  • Always wears fancy and nice clothing.
  • Peter Van Daan
  • Mom is Mrs.Van Dan Dad is Mr. Van Dan 15 years old
  • Criticized by dad all the time. Mom makes fun of him.
  • Gets angry a lot. Mostly to his son. Get angry when not smoking.
  • Flirts with Mr.Frank, by talking about the attributes she does not have anymore.
  • Likes his cat over everyone. Somethings makes fun of Anne, calls her Mrs. Quack Quack winch people at school called her.
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