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Story Board assignment 9/15
Updated: 9/16/2020
Story Board assignment 9/15
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Storyboard Text

  • Ordinary World
  • Finally, I can have some rest.
  • I haven't heard that name since I moved away from Danville
  • Yeah, what's it to you?
  • Call to adventure and refusal
  • Sorry, but I have the rest of the week off and I planned on resting.
  • Hey, are you Baljeet?
  • My name is Gregory Heffley, and I need you to help stop a tyranny from occurring in the future. I was sent by Buford Van Stomm.
  • Baljeet, it's me, Buford. I've come 5 years from the future to tell you how to avoid the Platypus Tyranny
  • Meeting mentor, Crossing the threshold and allies/enemies
  • Trust me, this is serious. Greg and I are the only ones you can trust
  • We have everything.
  • I told that Greg guy I don't want anything with this fantasy.
  • Lets say I'm in, I don't even have proper research done and the equipment to do it. Otherwise I would aid you in your fight.
  • No! It's them! Quick Baljeet, Inject them with the serum!
  • ackckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckck
  • If that's the case, can I go back to my normal life?
  • Feel free to, you've done this world a great service Baljeet.
  • You've done it! Now we can avoid to Platypus Tyranny!
  • Perry the Platypus has become corrupt and aided Doofenshmirtz in world domination, then betrayed him. Now an army of super solider Platypi control the world. Phineas and Ferb have gone missing so we need you to create a serum to revert them to their original form.
  • Finally, time to myself. Guess I have a new pet too.
  • ackckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckc
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